With post-COVID getaways and international destinations once again, situation permitting, on the horizon, it’s time to start planning holidays, even if you are looking to get ahead and book for 2022.

June is a popular month for travel worldwide, however, with such a long break in travelling abroad, you’re likely wondering where to travel in June and what our recommendations are.

That’s why we have put together the top must-visit travel destinations to visit in June, along with our travel tips and recommendations to ensure that you and your family stay as safe as possible.


June marks the beginning of summer in Greece, and with miles of soft sand and clear waters, the country is a must-visit.

Weather-wise, days are usually hot with long, balmy evenings, and temperatures on average reach a maximum of 28C and a minimum of 13C.

This weather is perfect for dining out at night and visiting any of the Greek islands for sightseeing.

Visit Croatia in June


June is one of the best times of the year to visit Croatia. The weather will be pleasant and sunny, making it the ideal time for swimming and sunbathing or discovering the country’s rich history.


June is an excellent month to visit France. The weather is near-perfect and mid-June marks the flowering season for Lavender in areas such as Provence. It’s a great chance to fill up your camera roll with photos of these gorgeous purple flowers.

Corsica is another gorgeous destination, just off France, with gorgeous beaches and crystal blue waters. What’s more with temperatures hovering around 20-25C, you can take a dip in the water or explore the island.

Visit Cornwall in June


If you’re looking for a summer trip a little closer to home, Cornwall is gorgeous in June, as you can avoid the summer holiday crowds in July and August.

Throughout June, you can join locals in catching rays on the beaches, stroll along Cornwall’s gorgeous coastal walks and enjoy the great garden of Cornwall in bloom.

Of course, great British weather is so temperamental, but throughout June temperatures can reach highs of 17C.


In June, Portugal is very hot, particularly in central Portugal. It’s during this period that the Portuguese head to the beach, as water temperatures are warmer than usual.

This time of year you’ll also find a variety of colourful festivals and attractions taking place, especially in the capital of Lisbon and the city of Porto.

Visit Guernsey in June


It may not be a destination you’d typically think of, but Guernsey hosts a wonderful annual Walking Festival that extends into June, which is ideal for nature lovers.

Aside from exploring on foot, you’ll also find plenty more to discover in Guernsey. This includes the historic beach-side Fort Grey, Victor Hugo’s historic home and a variety of Sunday concerts.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is a city full of surprises and is definitely a must-visit during June.

You’ll be able to enjoy the classics including the bars, thermal Szechenyi Baths and cruising down the Danube. However afterwards, in June, you can get involved with the many local summer celebrations!

These include the Danube Carnival, which hosts folk dance performances, workshops, fairs and craft markets.

You can also enjoy the variety of concerts in Budapest park, which is known as Europe’s biggest open-air entertainment centre.

Visit Isle of Wight in June

Isle of Wight

Most people choose to holiday in the Isle of Wight throughout the summer, as during this period, rainfall is low and temperatures average at about 16 degrees. Whilst the roads and ferries are slightly busier than normal, in June you’ll be skipping the school holidays traffic, so they’ll be a lot less hectic than in August.

If you are a music fan, usually the second weekend of June, the island will be host to the Isle of Wight festival. Over this weekend you’ll find neon colours and lively music for most tastes and all ages including pop, dance, indie and rock.


Of course, Spain is gorgeous all throughout the summer, however, the two main cities hold a wide variety of cultural attractions throughout June.

Murcia, in south-east Spain, holds a wonderful festival; the Baby-jumping Colacho Festival. Believe it or not, this is where men will literally hop over babies in the street. It’s unusual, to say the least!

Over the Haro in the north of Spain, you’ll find the just as bizarre ceremonial Battle of Wine, which takes place at the end of June every year.

Visit Italy in June


Wherever you choose to visit in Italy, June is the perfect month for outdoor explorations and sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches. At this time of year, it’s definitely summer and with the sun beaming down you the temperatures will be perfect, reaching up to 30c, depending on where you are.

This will give you the chance to visit all of the amazing historical sites and celebrations that the country has to offer, and throughout June you’ll have a great chance to enjoy a range of Italy’s national holidays.

Most Importantly, Stay Safe

Of course, it’s lovely to think that before we know it we’ll be travelling and back soaking up the sun somewhere tropical, however, it’s still important to keep both yourself and your family safe and ensure that all rules and regulations are followed exactly. Try to;

  • Avoid busier travelling times,
  • Stay two meters apart from others where possible,
  • Keep washing your hands regularly, for twenty seconds,
  • Use online check-in services where possible to minimise face-to-face interactions,
  • Pack only essentials in your hand luggage,
  • Where possible, remain seated around the airport and on the plane,
  • Wear a mask at all times, removing it only when you are eating and drinking.