The beautiful victorian seaside town of Clevedon may just have a lot more to offer than you would expect. Full of history, this is a destination offering something of interest for all ages. Located only a short drive from Bristol, it may just be a destination you should put on your itinerary. If you’re considering heading to Clevedon for a day trip with the family this blog is a must-read! We have put together some of the greatest attractions to make this holiday one to truly remember. 


The One And Only – Clevedon Pier 


Definitely considered to be the face of Clevedon, the impressive pier stands to tower over the Severn channel. Perfect for a romantic walk this pier truly offers a view of the channel which is simply magnificent, especially on a warm summers evening. This destination is not just a great place to visit in the summers time, it can also be enjoyed on the coldest days of winter. Located at the end of the pier stands a coffee shop which is a lovely place to have a sit-down and enjoy the view. This coffee shop is called Pagoda is renown for doing both warm and cold beverages so no matter what the weather you can be assured that Pagoda will have the perfect refreshments for you.


The Locals Favourite Spot – Ladye Bay


Only a short drive from the pier, Layde Bay really has everything you could ever need for a lovely day out with the family. Jaw-dropping views, pebble beaches and a cracking place for a picnic this is definable somewhere you will want to see when you come to visit Clevedon. This bay is very much loved by the locals because of the impressive cinerary it holds. The pier stands tall in the background while the channel drifts underneath creating a view worthy of a picture. A great place to spend the day Layde Bay really does offer it all. bare in mind, you may want to bring wellies if the weather has been a little wet prior to your visit, the walk down can get muddy. 


Enjoy the Channel In All Its Glory – Sugar Lookout 


A sight and a landmark in one, sugar lookout is one of the best views in the whole of Clevedon. Offering 180° of beautiful views there is simply an abundance of sights to look at. A great place to check out the pier from a distance sugar point definitely has to be one of the best places for dazzling views. One of the most popular walks within Clevedon, sugar point defiantly should be considered as part of your plan for the day. Suitable for all ages there is no doubt that this location has something for everyone to enjoy. Previously used as a lookout for sailing ships, if you’re still lucky you might catch one of the few remaining ships that travel up and down the channel. 


The Enormous Outdoor Pool – Marine Lake 


A highlight for many visitors to Clevedon, the marine lake really does create a lasting memory. One of only a handful of infinity tidal lakes in the country, the marine lake provides a beautiful cinerary combined with a lovely place to cool off. This infinity pool has been recently improved to make it an amazing place to visit on a warm summers day, especially if you interested in a bit of paddleboarding. No matter what age you are or what your hobbies are this pool has something for everyone. 


Understanding everything that there is to do in Clevedon is only the first step, now you need to plan your day go have a wonderful time. One of the best parts about visiting Clevedon is that there are very little crowns and cues to slowing you down. Get out there and enjoy what this beautiful seaside town has to offer.