Just like that, the season has changed. With this sudden change in weather comes the excitement for what in my option is the most beautiful time of the year. What is there not to love about waking up to bright blue skies, frost kissed grass and a cool refreshing breeze that kickstarts the stunning day ahead. Whilst many of us feel like we have missed out on summer and the wonderful adventures planned, we now have the greatest opportunity to make the most out of this winter. 


To help you make the most out this winter we have gathered the top 4 amazing destinations that you need to visit. Better yet, they are all located right on your doorstep, no need to catch a flight simply get in the car and have a road trip with your loved ones. 


*Please check the local COVID-19 restrictions of your chosen destination before your visit* 


Explore The River Walks of Herefordshire


Herefordshire is one of those destinations that comes into its own during these colder months of the year. The beautiful river Wye runs straight through this county offering endless river walks and wildlife for everyone to enjoy. For many, Herefordshire is that countryside break that we need every once and a while, keeping the mind clear and escaping from the busy city life that we call the norm. Renown for its incredible fishing, stunning views and friendly atmosphere, Herefordshire has become a personal favourite destination of mine during the winter months of the year. 


Catch Once In A Lifetime Waves From Newquay Beach 


When you think of visiting Newquay the first thing that comes to mind is surfing and the beautiful beaches. Unknown to some, these beaches are just as beautiful during the coldest months of the year, making it a lovely winters destination for families around the country to come and visit. If you are a true surfing enthusiast you can travel to Newquay to enjoy this word renown surfing without having to deal with all the crowds. For the rest of the family, there are several fancies hotels and spa’s around Newquay which offer the perfect palace to kick back and make the most out of the time away. 


Go On A Lovely City Break Minus The London Crowds 


When was the last time you went and visited the capital? Well, like myself, many people haven’t visited London in years due to the huge crowds and overall tourist atmosphere that takes over this destination during the summer months. If you chose to visit London during the winter you will find a completely different atmosphere. London can be extremely enjoyable to visit when the weather drops off as tourism dies down and you have the flexibility to go and enjoy those traditional pubs and exquisite restaurants that you have always dreamt about. 


Kick Back And Relax In The Beautiful City of Bath


The city of Bath is another incredible destination that lends itself perfectly to those colder months of the year. Similar to Herefordshire, there is a beautiful river running through the centre but where Bath stands out is when you look at all the options you have to eat drink and spend your time. Home to Thermae Bath Spa, this is easily one of the most prestigious and known spas here in the UK, boasting a rooftop pool and a bathrobe cafe, you will be silly to not miss the opportunity. 


Well, there you go! Some of the most incredible winter destinations that you can visit without having to catch a single flight. We hope that this blog post has helped to shed light on the beauty of winter getaways and some of the amazing things that you can do without having to rely on warm weather to keep your plans alive.