It feels like almost yesterday when the first lockdown was announced, the world stood still ad waited for the storm to pass, like it does every year. Who would have known that this would develop into a full-scale pandemic which stripped all of our incredible plans away from us?  


After a long year of stress and uncertainty its crucial that we make the most out of this time ahead of us, creating unforgettable memories for the whole family. Christmas is only just around the corner and with a little sprinkle of magic, we can forget about all the bad times and just enjoy this quality time together. 


As we are predicted to have the lockdown lifted early December we have decided to put together some wonderful day trip ideas. Our goal is to help spread festivity and make this Christmas special for all. 


Hike Along The Malvern Hills


At this moment in time, we can not be sure that all of our festive favourite attractions will be open like usual. These limitations lead to us experiencing something new, a day out like none other. How about going for a hike along the beautiful Malvern hills on a cold winters morning. Whilst this might not be the same as going to your local Christmas market there is always something so special about spending time out in nature with your loved ones. 


Enjoy The Christmas Shopping 


With a limited number of attractions being open this year why not chose to do the Christmas shopping with the whole family. There is always something so nice about going out with and grabbing a bite to eat and a hot drink in your local shopping centre. Whilst some secrete presents will need to be purchased at a separate occasion, most of Christmas shopping can be done together, especially if you have young children.  


Strole Down The River Wye 


As one of the UK’s most powerful rivers, the Wye will always an amazing attraction for those who want to spend some time out and about with the family. There are a range of wonderful riverside paths and walks that you can follow, taking you away from the busy bustle of everyday life and allow you to submerge in the beauty of Christmas. Spending time with the people who mean the most to you whilst being completely disconnected from the stress of working life. 


Family Trip To The Swimming Pool 


When you think about Christmas what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Whilst the Gym is far from what you have in mind there is something so fun about going to the gym and taking advantage of the pool, sauna and steam room. How about you use these facilities as a part of your next day out. Going to the gym doesn’t always have to be about breaking a sweat and working hard, sometimes its just time for relaxing and enjoying a break from everything.


Enjoy A Tasty Sunday Roast

Going out for a meal is a day trip in itself. Have you got a favourite pub or restaurant a short drive away? Why not book yourself a taxi to take you to and from the restaurant so you can properly kick back, relax and enjoy a few drinks. The whole family can enjoy the tasty food and you can soak up the great atmosphere which was greatly missed over the lockdown period.