Now that we are finally allowed to travel the globe, well most of it, it’s about time that we had a refresher on how to pack your suitcase effectively as I’m sure we have all forgotten how to do it. So, fasten those seatbelts and don’t fall out of the loft when you are getting your cases down, here we go with our top tips on how to pack a suitcase efficiently.

Only Take the Essentials

First, narrow down what’s essential to take a what’s not. With the best will in the world, unless you are Claudia Schiffer you are not going to wear three outfits every day, you’re on holiday for goodness’ sake! It’s a t-shirt, shorts, or a skirt, a pair of flip flops and maybe a hat. It’s not frowned upon if you are seen around the pool in the same shirt as the previous day; nobody cares or notices for that matter! Three or four days in a row and you might attract attention so please pack according to the temperature and the activity. Will you be going out every night? Is that out-out, or just something to eat and some wonderfully rubbish entertainment back around the pool in the dark where it doesn’t matter if you do not have a brand-new Armani dress!

Our Number One Tip: Roll!

Roll your clothes up rather than flat packing them, surprisingly they will stay in better condition rolled and take up far less space in the case. You should also create a space while you are away on your trip or holiday for used clothes, take a laundry bag with you to store all your worn, sun-drenched and sun cream covered clothes, so they don’t mingle with your shiny new, unworn stuff.

Pack Lightly When it Comes to Shoes

You only need three pairs of shoes! This may be easy for some, but if you’re a shoe fan, we’re sorry to say, you’re going to have to limit yourself! Try and pack only 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of trainers and 1 pair of going out shoes. Of course, this will all depend on where you’re going, however at the end of the day, only packing three pairs will leave you enough space to bring home at least three or four new pairs that you’ll buy out there! It’s a win-win for sure!

Packing a Suitcase Efficiently

Flying? Pack Travel-Sized

Remember, if you are flying that you can only take travel-size toiletries onboard so only think about what you need for the day of your travel and the first night when you arrive, the rest of your toiletries can be purchased at your destination, used there and disposed of there, meaning you do not have any unforeseen leakage dramas on your way out or on your way home, simples. Things move around in cases and can explode at high pressure or altitude, and you do not want a split in the shampoo or conditioner bottle to go over literally everything you have packed.

Keeping Your Luggage Safe

If you have any breakables then use your clothes to protect them, wrap your hair dryers up in your jeans, keep all your delicate items in a separate compartment and well protected, those cases can get thrown around by certain baggage handlers when you go abroad and things may not be in the same place they were left when you packed them.

Finally, if you would like your case to be undisturbed then the old wrap it in clingfilm idea does just that, it’s a bit of an annoyance if you get asked for a random search but the likelihood is that even the customs officials won’t want clingfilm everywhere, so you’ll probably get away with it!

How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently

So, there we have, our expert travelling specialist‘s top tips on how to pack your suitcase efficiently. We hope it’s given some insight into making your next holiday a breeze and hopefully, it’s stopped you from suffering from that sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten something or that something will get broken that we all associate with a great British holiday!