It seems like an absolute age, but it does now appear that we can look at going on our holidays again without having to isolate when we get somewhere and then again when we get back so let’s have a look at some of the possible destinations. This article looks at why you would choose the beautiful Balearic Island of Ibiza. In this Ibiza travel guide, we will look at, bars, nightlife and general information about the magical island in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Ibiza Beach

Not Just a Party Destination

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands that consist also of Majorca and Minorca. These islands have often been categorised as being only good for one type of holiday each with Minorca seen as the family destination, Majorca seen as a bit of a boozy retreat and Ibiza a clubbers paradise, and whilst to a certain extent this may be true, Ibiza is bucking that trend a bit and seems a bit more accessible to families looking for a quiet stay. It is true though that the vast majority of Ibiza are young adults who live for the nightlife and often rise just before sunset in pursuit of the perfect night out.

Ibiza Nightlife

Unbeatable Nightlife

Ibiza doesn’t disappoint if that’s what you are after, with a multitude of nightclubs often ranked amongst the best in the world and attracting only the best names in the world of DJ’ing you can expect a fabulous clubbing holiday every night of the week should you want it. With trendy bars, such as Mambo and Cafe Del Mar offering sunset tables to eat, drink, listen to great music and basically create memories in Ibiza is probably the most perfect place on the planet to do just that.

At only 21 miles long and 12 miles wide, Ibiza is an easily accessible island and much of it can be explored by hiring a car or even a moped. The main road between Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni is now in much better condition than it was 20 years ago where it was considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world and any Ibiza guide will tell you that was nothing to do with two of the most famous nightclubs, Privilege and Amnesia being halfway between the two towns and the abundant selection of moped hire outlets available to clubbers. At a third of the size of Gran Canaria, Ibiza is just waiting to be discovered, that’s if you are up in time to see any sunlight of course!

If you are planning a holiday to Ibiza and it revolves around clubbing, bars and eating out then you need to know a few things before you go. Ibiza can be ridiculously expensive for the more naïve traveller. The nightclubs can cost up to 80 euros just to get in and a bottle of water can set you back 10 euros, don’t ask what a double gin and tonic will cost but it’s fair to say you may need a bank loan! You can often though obtain cheaper tickets for entry and free drink coupons from the club reps who frequent the bars in the late afternoon looking to entice you to choose their club for your night out. When you plan this properly you can actually have a good night out without spending more than 100 Euro. If you choose to sit with a sunset view in Café Mambo though for a table of four there is a 400 euro minimum spend and you get three hours in which to spend it.

Ibiza Dalt Vila

It’s Not Just Partying

Whilst Ibiza is, of course, famous for its clubs and bars, however, this is not the be-all and end-all of the island. For those seeking quiet time and relaxation, there will be lots to do. Ibiza has been blessed with sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and gorgeous coves, not to mention all of the picturesque small towns either.

In Ibiza Town’s Dalt Vila, the island’s contemporary Art Museum has transformed an 18th-century building into an impressive space that proudly celebrates local artists and some bigger, well-known names from around the world.

Perhaps you’re looking to relive Ibiza’s hippy days. If so, we recommend heading to Bar Anita in Sant Carles, known as the original hippy bar and in fact, it was once home to the only phone in the village! Those living remotely can still pick up their post from the bar and the herbal liqueur the family have been making for generations is definitely well worth a try.

Visit Ibiza

Before You Go

We hope our above Ibiza travel guide has given you some well-needed insight into what the famous island will have in store for you when you visit.

It’s important to remember that as Ibiza is a part of Spain, they do use the euro and if you are looking to visit in the summer, the high season from June to September, you should expect steeper prices and very busy beaches. Make sure that you plan ahead, by reserving restaurants and beach clubs well in advance, simply so you’re sure to secure a spot. If you’re looking to visit in Spring or Autumn, you’ll discover the sleepy Ibicenco way of life that first attracted many to the island.

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