Travelling is a part of our culture, whether this is within the country or venturing abroad for some new and exciting experiences. This being said, there is always the temptation to revisit those favourite holiday destinations chasing those wonderful memories shared. 


If we were to keep on visiting these places we are missing out on the abundance of opportunities out there. We are extremely lucky to have a variety of destinations to visit and it’s crucial we make the most out of it.  


With such an abundance of destinations to choose from it can be difficult to make your mind on the country you actually book your flights to. Sometimes you just need some support from the travelling specialists.  Luckily, we have carefully selected some of the best travel magazines to ensure your next holiday is truly one to remember. 




AFAR may seem like a typical travel magazine, but that is far from the fact. AFAR was founded in 2009 after the founders returned from a 6-week trip to India, with the aim of “making travel a force for good”. It is an experimental travel magazine focused on the use of travel to immerse yourself in the different cultures, food and history of countries around the world. If you want to experience all that the world has to offer, your first stop should be AFAR.


Lonely Planet Magazine


The home of imaginative travel inspiration, this is the perfect magazine for those who are looking for draw-dropping views found outside the traditional tourism destinations. For that original outdoor holiday feel, there is no need to look any further than the first couple pages of this holiday magazine




The traditional British travel magazine, Wanderlust helps its readers find the perfect destination which pairs culture and natural beauty in perfect harmony. One of the latest additions of this magazine discusses some incredible green travel ideas, definitely worth a read. 


National Parks


National Parks is an award-winning magazine with a rich history. It started as ‘The Nation’s Parks’ in 1920, before changing to ‘National Parks Magazine’ in 1942, and simply ‘National Parks’ in 1981. It details all the incredible sights and landscapes you can see in the United States’ national parks. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is it more true than in National Parks. There really is no better way to plan an escape to Yosemite or the Sierra Nevada.


Budget Travel 


Find vacation ideas that don’t have to break the bank, the Budget Travel magazine truly offers it all. Jawdropping destinations paired with useful tips and tricks to help stretch your budget that extra bit further. The holidays are accessible to all so why not give this magazine a chance. 


Travel + Leisure 


This New York-based magazine boasts nearly 5 million readers which makes it one of the most popular travel magazines out there. They also offer some great resources when it comes to planning your holiday, helping to reduce stress when it comes to holiday arrangements. 


Conde Nast Traveler


Find the latest news, travel guides and getaway ideas within one award-winning travel magazine. Conde Nast Traveler has also created some amazing articles regarding the places you should visit post lockdown. I know it might feel like a century away but it’s always important to plan ahead.


National Geographic 


The number one choice for all environmentally friendly news and travel ideas, the National Geographic really is the nation’s favourite. This magazine is also available as a digital version which means you can find the latest additions arriving straight into your inbox making them accessible to all. Discussing some of the most important issues we are facing in the world right now, the National Geographic magazine allows us to stay educated on these topics. 


Cruise Travel 


The worlds leading cruise magazine, Cruise Travel reviews new and classic ships and translates these reviews into readable content that you can enjoy reading and use to plan your own travels. Cruise ships are becoming extremely popular for family-friendly travel, and the Cruise Travel magazine can really help plan which ship is right for you.   




A magazine that boasts some of the best articles, photography and video which caters perfectly for the adventurous. Not everyone is looking for a holiday where you sat around a pool for the week, some of us love to adventure. Luckily, the Destinations magazine boasts some of the most unique and iconic places to visit in the world.  




The original American science and lifestyle magazine, Backpacker is a great addition to your holiday planning resources. Geared more towards the younger generations but is suitable for anyone who is planning a backpack style holiday. 


Travel 50 And Beyond


The only magazine for travellers over the age of 50. When you get older it doesn’t mean that your exciting adventures come to an end. In a way, they are only getting started, with more time on your hands why not go visit the corners of the world that you have always wanted to go and see. 


Wired For Adventure


Wired For Adventure is not a magazine for the faint-hearted. This magazine claims that it is “more than just a magazine. It’s a way of life”, and its readers definitely agree with this. WFA is focused on finding the best adventures the world can provide, be it hiking, scuba diving or bungee jumping, and providing its readers with all the details. Ever felt like you want to feel more in life? Well, you may want to check out Wired For Adventure.




The number one independent British travel magazine gives you all the best insider knowledge ready to book your next trip. They don’t just give you inspiration for your next staycation but provide reviews and itinerary ideas for trips all over the world. Looking for honest reviews from normal people, with no frills or fuss, this is the magazine for you.




Suitcase magazine is an experimental travel magazine for the modern woman or anyone femme-identifying. It is the first fashion and travel magazine, and it is aimed at providing culture-rich trip ideas across the world, placing emphasis on integrating with the culture whilst travelling. If you are looking for a high-fashion travel experience, look no further than Suitcase magazine when planning your next trip.


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