We have now reached a point in the coronavirus pandemic where we are seeing little to no change in travel restrictions. They have become stagnant. Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen the standard form for global travel develop. Whilst many European counties can still be visited, other destinations such as Australia can not be visited unless the travel is essential. 

Are You Planning A Holiday To Europe? 

As a country, we are now looking at the second wave of this pandemic. With infection rates rising here in the UK and in many of the surrounding European countries, we are seeing more and more holiday destinations close their doors to travel and tourism. Below is a list of some of the most recent counties that have closed their borders to UK travellers: 

  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Andorra
  • Finland
  • Georgia

Luckily, not all counties have taken the same approach. Many have created a self-isolation period that allows you to freely enjoy your holiday but once you return to the UK you must self-isolate for 14 days. This may not be the most convenient option but due to many of us working from home at this moment it means that we can return from our holiday and get back to work. 

What’s The Deal With Long Haul Holidays?

As a country, we all love those once in a lifetime holidays. Those holidays which take us to the other side of the world to experience cultures and activities that we have never experienced before. Even the coronavirus can take this want away from us. Whilst we might want to have the freedom of a holiday abroad this year, it might not be as simple as you would expect. 

Every country has its idea of travel restrictions and procedures so it’s impossible for us to cover every destination in this single blog post. Before booking anything please visit the gov website and find out about the restrictions and procedures that must be dealt with when travelling to your chosen destination. 

How Will Travel Change In The Coming Months? 

It’s still very difficult to estimate how the times will change over the next couple of months. Studies from the ECDC show that we are just at the start of a second wave when it comes to the rate of infection, we are now following the same trend as many of the other counties around us such as Spain & France. 

So how does this affect the way we travel? Well, after looking at the latest figures published I believe that we should start to see more travel restrictions come into place and less freedom around where we can travel. The big question that everyone wants to know is if we are going to be heading into another lockdown. This is down to our government to decide but I would expect to see a similar response to what we have seen last time. Whilst this doesn’t mean that all businesses are closed and we are forced to stay inside there could still be a step backwards in the coming months. 

This may just sound like all doom and gloom at this moment it’s important to remember that we have to do what we can to prevent this disease from spreading further. As a country it is our responsibility to keep the death toll down and prevent the spread, this may lead to us having to say goodbye to our holiday plans and look forward to the future. 

As always keep an eye out for the latest news and developments when it comes to the data and statistics that support our government’s decisions. Let’s pull together and tackle this pandemic head-on. 

Travelbillity COVID-19 Statement
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