It’s no secretes that travel was the hardest hit industry by the Covid-19 pandemic. The global travel and tourism market is predicted to see a loss of 100.8 million jobs worldwide which reflects the sheer drop in demand seen throughout 2020. Whilst we have already tackled the first wave of the pandemic we are not out of the woods yet. The uncertainty caused by the new variant of Covid-19 leaves us all wondering, what does the future hold for the already struggling travel industry. 


Family Package Holidays 


I’m not the only one who has seen an uplift in travel advertisement for the coming summer. Golden sand beaches, scorching hot weather and a family all having fun on the beach. What more could you ask for to get the imagination running wild. Whilst these adverts we see portray normality being only just round the corner, are we just being fed a best-case scenario? 


Travel In The Summer 


At the time of writing this blog post, we are facing another national lockdown. The tiered system has been thrown out the window and we are all dealing with yet another challenge. It may seem dull at the moment but this lockdown might just set us up for another summer of benign allowed to travel to nearby countries, as long as additional safety precautions are followed. It’s hard to be 100% certain in what the future can hold but what we do know is that this lockdown we are facing will help reduce infection rates and help give us the best chance of being able to travel abroad this year. 


Holiday Accommodation 


There are many different aspects to travel and all have had to face huge complications due to the pandemic. With 48% of people being concerned about catching the virus whilst travelling, we are not only having to deal with added travel restrictions but there is also uncertainty throughout people who are allowed to travel. Holiday accommodation is up there with one of the worst affected. With fewer people able to go on holiday throughout 2020, many companies are starting on the backfoot as they move into 2021. 


Holiday accommodation is changing. Companies who have always relied on large numbers of staff are being forced to cut numbers down and get by with the bare minimum. No business owner takes pride in making this decision but it’s essential for keeping the outgoing costs down and profitability to a maximum. Many hotels and resorts are deciding to completely shut their doors waiting for the summer to roll on with the hope of bringing a huge wave of tourists. 


Renting Air Bnb Accommodation


Air Bnb and other short term property rental companies are in the best situation as we face another wave of this pandemic. With this platform heavily reliant on hosts offering up a spare room or one of their properties over the summer months the company has very little outgoings. This being said, many hosts highly rely on this income and without it, they are left out of pocket. With abroad travel being limited it opens up the possibility of local getaways to surge, helping keep this aspect of the industry afloat. 


The future of the travel industry is still very uncertain, all is heavily reliant on the effectiveness of the vaccine program. With the continuous work of the healthcare services, we hope to see 2021 as the year where we start to beat the virus and see a form of normality when it comes to travel. 


Travelbillity COVID-19 Statement
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