There is nothing like a holiday abroad. It’s a time where we can switch off from the hassle of the working life and kick the feet up and soak up some sun. It’s this short window of the holiday which often creates those unforgettable memories which you reminisce on for the rest of your life. 


Before the Covid pandemic struck, UK residents take an average of 1.9 holidays abroad each year. These getaways have been a fundamental part of our lives for many years now but why is this behaviour so engraved in our lives? 


In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the most of the main reasons why holidays are so important to our mental health and wellbeing. 


Relieving The Stress of Everday Working Life 


To stay productive we all need to have our breaks. The stress of working life can be immense and without these getaways, you can find yourself getting bogged down with no end in sight. Booking a holiday allows you to always have a date in the back of your mind when your next able to get out of the office and do some travelling. Often booked within the summer, the year is broken up nicely as you have a major break for your booked holiday and again one in the winter for the festive period. 


Taking a break allows you to take a step back from all the stress and responsibilities which are associated with your full-time work. Whilst it may be difficult to switch off at first, these breaks allow you to reset the batteries and come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to smash through the challenges ahead of you. Stress can have huge impacts on your overall health and wellbeing so its important that you take your holiday and get away from work every once in a while. 


Encouraging Creativity Through Exploration 


Creativity is a very vague term, it covers everything from cooking, painting or even content writing. You may not think creativity is important but it actually plays a huge part in your everyday life no matter what industry you work within. Without creativity you find yourself doing the same thing day in and day out. By taking a yearly getaway you can in fact take your mind off your routine and see everything from a different angle. By no means are we suggesting you spend your holiday planning for a return back to work but its important that you know these breaks will really help bring new ideas and processes into your life. 


Putting Everything In Your Life Into Perspective 


This point ties in well with stress, but perspective is everything. A problem at work may seem like the most important thing in your life but the truth is, it’s really not. It sometimes takes some time away for you to realise what really matters to you. Spending time with your friends and family is the most important things in life, these are the best memories you make so make sure you put this first. Drop the small problems are you are overthinking about and go make some unforgettable memories with the people you love.


Experiencing Once In A Lifetime Opportunities 


It’s really easy to get caught up with the working world and forgetting about the goals you have in life outside of work. Yes, it’s great if you get that promotion or you get hired at a new company but never forget the things you want to do outside of work. For example, you might have always dreamt about doing a skydive over the famous palm island in Dubai or hike up Mount Everest. Don’t forget to chase your dreams and achieve the unachievable.