With summer only just around the corner its the perfect time to start planning a summer getaway. Bristol is a destination which offers it all. Rich history, Incredible Sights and vibrant festivals for the whole family to enjoy. Why not take the time to plan a trip to Bristol and see what this wonderful city has to offer this summer. 


The Incredible Harbor Festival 


Once of year, the whole of bristol comes together to celebrate the warm weather, great music and a friendly atmosphere. The harbour festival will be in full swing between the 17th  and 19th of July this year, offering something for the whole family there will be no doubt that this should be put right at the top of your to-do list.


Take A Tour Of Banksy’s Artwork 


Banksy is one of the most iconic graffiti artists on the globe. Bristol just happens to be the home to most of his artwork. From the infamous “The Mild Mild West” to the “Well Hung Lover’ all can be found from just a short drive from each other. The artwork is very controversial and addresses serious topics making it a huge part of visiting Bristol.  


Take A Stroll Across Clifton’s Suspension Bridge


Clifton is the proud owner of the first suspension bridge to be conducted within the UK. Found on the back of every Bristol postcard, this bridge should be a huge part for your first visit to bristol. Make sure that you go check it out yourself, the views from the bridge are truly sensational and will leave you in awe. 


Grab A Bite To Eat At St Nicks Market 


A market which offers more than just your average lunchtime snack. St Nicks market truly offers it all. Located just outside of the city centre, this market has foods from around the globe suitable for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Make sure that you come to visit the market yourself and get lost in the number of food choices that you have to explore.  


Sit Back And Enjoy Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta


Over the years this balloon festival has grown in popularity as a result of its great atmosphere and colourful displays. For those coming to visit bristol in early August time make sure you give this fiesta a visit. 500,000 people to come to visit this event over the weekend and all with the same intentions of just having a great time. With attractions for the whole family make sure that you pay this stop a visit. 


Enjoy The Views From Cabot Tower & Brandon Hill 


A hugely popular spot for the locals, Bradon hill pairs lovely views with warm weather in perfect harmony. Located a 5-minute walk from Park Street this hill is easily accessible for all. With plenty of seating and lovely flowers, this is truly a place that you have to take a minute to enjoy when visiting Bristol. 


Ashton Court Estate 


Located on the outskirts of Bristol, Ashton Court Estate is a beautiful location to visit for all ages. Whether you are bringing the bikes along for your trip or you are looking for a new place to take mans best friend, Ashton Court Estate really does offer it all. Offering 850 acres of forest and grasslands, you should never run out of sights to see. 


St Paul’s Carnival 


One of the most vibrant festivals to be hosted within bristol over the summer months. St Paul’s Carnival brings Bristol together to enjoy live bands and great food. This is a festival which has something for all ages and will no doubt create a memory to remember for many years to come.