It’s finally that time of year again when you simply put down the Christmas shopping list and you load up the computer to take a look at some of the incredible winter destinations to visit. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the winter but it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect one. Luckily, our team here at Travelbillity have put together some of the most popular winter destinations to visit. Each of the destinations mentioned throughout this blog have their own specific reasons to visit so make sure you read the full blog to find the right destination for you and the family.


Rovaniemi – The Land of Santa’s Secret Village 


There is just something so magical about the winter, whether it’s just the Christmas lights or the cold winter evenings there is just something about winter that makes you just want to cuddle up around a warm fire. Well, there is simply no place better to enjoy a winter getaway than Rovaniemi. The home of the Santa Claus village this is simply one of the best destinations to take kids of all ages. Why not treat your kids to the ultimate present this Christmas and take them to meet the man who delivers all those wonderful Christmas presents.


Canada – The Skiing Paradise 


For those adrenaline hungry thrill-seekers, Canada is one of the best destinations to visit. Offering miles upon miles of pristine ski conditions there should never be a time when you end up skiing the same slope twice. Many of Canada’s premium ski resorts are surrounded by adorable little towns which make relaxing off the slopes an absolute pleasure. If you are looking for that perfect balance between steep slopes and sleepy nights in Canada is definitely the place to go. 


Finland – Experience The Northern Lights


Is visiting the seven wonders of the world on your bucket list well why not start in the awesome holiday location of Finland. Proudly on the map as one of the best places to witness the Northern Lights this is definitely a destination we had to give credit to in this blog. Finland also has so much to offer in the day time as well, with a rich history and culture there are endless jaw-dropping sites to visit and with over thirty national parks to visit you will struggle to get bored.


France – Stunning Nordic Walks 


Going on an amazing winter holiday doesn’t have to involve a long flight which simply eats away at your time for relaxing. Why not visit Paris otherwise known as the city of love. Whether you are taking away your other half or you’re simply looking for an exciting Christmas getaway for you and the kids there is no doubt that France has an abundance of things to do. Sit back and enjoy some authentic french food with the beloved family while enjoying the view of the Eiffel tower or why not go on a dazzling nordic walk the options are endless. 


Estonia – The Incredible Christmas Market 


Although most cities up and down the UK have their own Christmas market nowhere does it like Estonia. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Estonia is the place where Disney visit to go get their inspiration for their Christmas movies. What makes this Christmas market so special is the sheer scale and authenticity of the stands found within the market. With one of the largest Christmas trees, I am yet to see there is simply no place better to go enjoy a lovely warm glass of hot chocolate while submerging yourself in the Christmas spirit.


It can be very difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when you are on a holiday where you’re surrounded by sun and beaches. This is not what Christmas is about, Christmas is all about dressing up warm and enjoying quality time with the family. Why not treat yourself to a fascinating Christmas getaway this year! We would be happy to take you to and from the airport ensuring your holiday runs smoothly with minimal stress.