Wheelchair Travel
from Travelbillity

The majority of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible and are fitted with tail lifts and special flooring that allows us to use a four-point wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint system.

This is the safest way to transport wheelchair passengers as it is a simple system and allows us to provide wheelchair users with the same positive service as non-wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis


At Travelbillity we cater to all types of customers. Wheelchair travel is sometimes associated with challenges; however, we have the right systems in place to ensure you have an easy journey from start to finish. Our vehicles incorporate a straightforward system that keeps the wheelchair user safe and stable during the trip.

We provide wheelchair-accessible cabs across the wider Weston-Super-Mare area, ensuring you receive the relevant assistance needed to guarantee the same comfort and simplicity as you would receive in other vehicles. Your driver will also assist you on the other end to make sure you have left the vehicle safely and correctly to prevent any issues from arising.

If you have any other needs or requirements for your transfer, please do not hesitate to speak with the team about this. We do our absolute best to accommodate everyone and always make sure that a suitable vehicle is booked for you and your group.

The Accessible Travel Solution

Here at Travelbillity, we take great pride in going above and beyond for all our customers, ensuring that you always receive a professional service. The experienced team of drivers will always be happy to assist you in entering and exiting the vehicle. All of our team members drive in a calm and respectable manner so you are able to get to the desired location while relaxing in one of our top-of-the-range vehicles.

We believe that all of our customers should be treated respectfully and in a professional manner. All of our wheelchair passengers are greatly valued and we are honoured to be chosen as your transport solution. Whether you are looking for an airport transfer or simply travelling as a large group we will always ensure that the customer service provided will be second to none.

Travel In Style

All of the vehicles we offer here at Travelbillity are of very high specification and can be trusted to get you to your desired location. We ensure that all of our wheelchair-accessible vehicles are kept extremely clean and tidy as we understand how important it is to be presented with a clean vehicle. All of the vehicles are regularly checked for any signs of damage so you can have the peace of mind that the vehicle you will be provided with will be stylish and damage-free.

Our vehicles are top-of-the-range when it comes to style and comfort. Our team takes great pride in looking after the vehicles and enjoy providing a calm and relaxing service to all our customers. We are always looking to find new ways to improve our wheelchair travel service and will not stop until we achieve total client satisfaction. If you would like to enquire about our wheelchair travel service please get in contact with one of the friendly team members today.