What are the advantages of pre-booking airport transfers?


Trying to catch a flight can be one of the most nerve racking and anxious times before going on holiday, everything is booked and the money has been spent however you still need to get to your flight before you can fully relax and enter “holiday” mode.

From worrying about how to get to the airport to whether you make it to the airport on time, it can be a daunting experience that if not planned correctly can open you up to some serious issues including missing your flight completely!

However one of the best ways to keep these anxious thoughts and fears at bay is with a little bit of pre-planning which includes pre-booking a private airport transfer. By booking an airport transfer you automatically get a level of ease that is unmatched compared to traditional forms of transportation such as local transport. You don’t have to worry about what time it will turn up or any unnecessary transfer or stop offs, instead you can get a direct and quick trout to the airport that is personalised to all your wants and needs. Whether you want to leave at a certain time, need to pick someone up along the way or require disability access; a private airport transfer offers it all.

Although pre-booking an airport transfer to or from the airport can be more expensive than public transport, there are a range of benefits that far out way the negatives when it comes to private airport transfers. Throughout this article, we will explore five of the top benefits of choosing a private airport transfer over other transport options to and from the airport. 


Five benefits of booking airport transfers for your next holiday


The top benefits of pre-booking an airport transfer to or from the airport include:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety
  4. No waiting times
  5. Flexibility

1. Peace of Mind


One of the biggest benefits of pre-booking a private airport transfer to or from the airport is that it provides you with peace of mind, convenience and a level of ease that takes your mind off even thinking about that part of your trip as it has already been sorted in advance and not within the rush of things. 

Instead of having to deal with the stress of traffic, parking spots at the airport or trying to navigate your luggage through public transport that more often than not doesn’t stick to a time schedule, you can be fully at ease that you know you will reach the airport at the required time for your trip. By pre-booking everything in advance you won’t have to worry about negotiating the price or being stuck last minute not being able to get a lift. Instead, you can focus on more important things like your upcoming flight and the logistics around that. 


2. Comfort


By pre-booking your private airport transfer in advance you can have the choice of choosing a specific vehicle that suits your comfort levels. For example, you can opt for more high-end and premium vehicles such as SUVs or luxury Sudan which provide a relaxing and spacious trip to the airport. 

Furthermore, you can also opt for a vehicle that suits all your preferences whether that be you are taking large amounts of suitcases so would need to travel in a larger vehicle; you are travelling in a large group and require a minivan or you require a certain accessibility features such as a transfer option that caters to wheelchair access. Some of these options can be fairly limited therefore by pre-booking a private airport transfer in advance you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of your required preferences.


3. Safety 


One of the most important aspects of transportation is that you are safe at all times and a private airport transfer is one of the safest options to choose when travelling to the airport. Reputable airport transfer companies such as Travelbillity, prioritise safety with trained drivers and well-maintained vehicles. They are experienced and trained to navigate roads and traffic in a safe and efficient manner reducing the opportunity for delays or other issues to arise.


4. No waiting time


Another benefit of choosing a pre-booked airport transfer is that there is little to no waiting time when it comes to getting your lift. As you have pre-booked and specified a certain time for pick-up, it is a guarantee that your private airport transfer will be waiting for you, whether that be at the airport or at a required destination. 

Unlike public transport where it can be difficult to predict when your vehicle will turn up, you can be assured that the private transfer will be at the specified destinations at the correct time. This means you can just jump straight out of the door and head to the airport to catch your flight providing a direct route that is straightforward and worry-free. 


5. Flexibility


Finally, flexibility is another great benefit that a private airport transfer boasts. Many private transfers offer flexibility in scheduling allowing you to choose your own pick-up and drop-off times that suit your own travel plans enhancing the convenience when opting for a private transfer compared to other means of getting to the airport. 


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In conclusion, pre-booking a private airport transfer offers travellers a range of advantages that will significantly enhance the overall experience of your holiday and trip; getting it started in the most straightforward, easy and stress-free way. 

From the peace of mind and safety to the comfort and convenience of not having to wait and having your pre-booked transfer tailored to your exact schedule makes it one of the most appealing options for airport transfers. Collectively these benefits make it an obvious choice to choose private airport transfers if you are seeking a stress-free and efficient beginning or end to your trip.