How would you fancy a great coach holiday around Europe next year? Imagine arriving at your luxurious first destination aboard a coach, exploring the wonders of the ancient City before heading off to London for a night on the tiles followed by an overnight trip waking up the next day in beautiful Amsterdam. 


With coach holidays in Europe, there are a huge variety of destinations that are within your grasp at a fraction of the price of travelling by plane or car. A whole journey of being chauffeured around Europe to the finest destinations on your travel wish list. The list of destinations is so diverse that you could enjoy a coach holiday every year without repeating any of your travel itineraries. Starting with your journey on your coach you can travel anywhere from Paris to Istanbul so start planning today for next year.


The Beauties of Traveling by Coach 


Most luxury coaches feature entertainment systems, toilet facilities, tea and coffee and soft drinks with plenty of great stop-off points to grab a bite to eat. You can easily plan your own itinerary and pick up the next coach when it comes past your destination. 


Fully reclining seats with lumbar support and space between passengers ensure that you get a comfortable night’s sleep ready to explore the next city in Europe the next morning feeling refreshed and alive. Choose from Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Monaco, Turin, Geneva and Istanbul to name just a few. From a base for coaches in the UK we can travel anywhere. You can even take an overnight coach and end up in the South of France the next morning ready to enjoy the sun and sea of St Tropez. Even pre-book your own seats for the trip before you travel.


Wifi charging points are standard on coaches along with reclining seats and in travel entertainment. The drivers are fully uniformed, experienced professionals with unblemished driving records. They will get you to your destination in comfort, speed and above all safety. 


The Perfect Holiday Destination


Where would you travel in Europe too by executive coach? The lakes, the beaches, the cities, the forests? The experience is unlimited as you plan your trip across Europe. 


You can also take out our full travel insurance policy which will cover you for any eventuality even for a pandemic you will be covered and receive all your money back should you need to. 


56-seater coaches have the biggest legroom space available on any road yacht on the market so you can relax in the highest levels of comfort in the sector. With the widest seats, you will arrive totally and utterly refreshed so you enjoy every single day of your European coach tour.


The luxury minibus can catapult you anywhere in the UK and beyond, the world really is your oyster. From smaller journeys to all-encompassing trips throughout the whole content we have got you covered.


Planning Your European Trip


We would choose a family run coach company for our European trip as they will undoubtedly look after you as if you were one of their own. With the reputation on the line, you really can expect the best type of service from a family-run coach company. Sometimes even the owner of the whole company is one of your drivers, who of course will go out of their way to accommodate you and your travel wishes.


What would you like to see on a luxury coach hire or minibus hire itinerary?  All the travelling completed overnight is our favourite, just like a cruise ship. Waking up somewhere different every day and feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep, what else could you want when travelling throughout Europe on a coach holiday?


The most popular coaches in service today are Hyundai, Daimler, Scania and Volvo with hundreds of thousands built every year. The biggest though is Yutong who are based in China and build nearly 3 times as many as their nearest rival. The Marchi Mobile is the most expensive coach in the world, with the EleMMent Palazzo Superior model, which costs $3 million.