How to Pass Time at Bristol Airport

Waiting at the airport for your flight can often be pretty unexciting. It is simply a waiting game until your flight gets called with the gate number before you start to board. As long as you are prepared, spending time at the airport isn’t so bad.

There’s only so much you can do when you are waiting for a flight but we have conducted a list of the best things to do if you want to pass time. Time goes so much quicker when you’re having fun!

Use the Free Wi-Fi

You can take advantage of the 2 hours of free Wi-Fi that Bristol Airport offers. Whether you wish to stream your favourite film or surf the net, it’s the perfect time to use that free internet connection that is available to you. After those 2 hours are up, you will need to pay to use their Wi-Fi but it is not too expensive. This is also a good idea if you have young children as you’ll be able to keep them occupied, saving you a lot of stress.


Visit Duty-Free

Everyone loves a visit to duty-free. It allows you to purchase items such as alcohol and sweets at a cheaper rate, due to the fact that all of the items are exempt from VAT. This discount applies if you are travelling outside of the European Union. This is also why you have to present your boarding pass when purchasing, so they can see where you are heading. Bristol Airport has a great duty-free shop and you’ll always find a lot of people browsing the store. Furthermore, you can reserve items online which will guarantee you can pick them up at Duty-Free on the day that you travel.

Grab a Bite to Eat

There is a range of different eating options before and after security. Why not pick up a coffee from Starbucks or a full Italian meal from Frankie & Benny’s? You will never go hungry when you visit Bristol airport and there are a variety of places to eat to suit all tastes and preferences. Even if you don’t have a lot of time and are in a rush, on-the-go food is available to cover all 3 meals throughout the day.


Catch Up on Sleep

For those who have travelled a fairly long distance, you may be lacking energy or feeling tired. The best solution to resolve this is to just get some rest. Most airports have large areas that you can relax in; all you need is a pillow or something to rest your head on. This is also the desired option if the flight is a late night or early morning one as you’ll probably not feel like doing much.


Plan Your Holiday

If you have enough time before the flight, you can plan or look at some of the activities for the holiday destination you are visiting. Especially if you are bored waiting in the airport, thinking about your holiday and planning things can make your experience that little bit better. If you have transfers or a taxi service on the other side, it’s also worth checking those again whilst you have the time to ensure everything is still going ahead as planned.

Its time for an updated!

Bristol airport is constantly changing. It seems that every year that I visit the airport something has changed, whether it be a new food restaurant or a new place to grab a coffee there’s always something new. I believe this is something that makes Bristol airport special.

Grab Yourself a Coffee

One of my favourite things I love to do when I visit Bristol Airport is to explore the extensive range of places that offer great coffee. When I say the range of places I really mean it, there are two or three places that offer great coffee whether you fancy a tasty iced coffee or a warm rich black coffee you will be able to find the perfect spot to stop for a quick pit stop. If you are catching an early flight I would definitely recommend stopping for a coffee but if you plan to sleep on your flight decaff may be the best option for you.

REMEMBER! Bristol Airport does not announce flights. Keep checking the board for flight details such as your boarding gate.

And before you know it, it’ll be time to board your flight and you’ll be on your way!