The Benefits of a Meet & Greet – Airport Transfers


You’ve just arrived back from your holiday. Relaxed, tanned and ready to get back to normal life. But first thing’s first, you need to travel back from the airport to your home. Particularly if you’re flying into a busy airport, this process can sometimes be quite stressful.

A meet and greet airport taxi is one of the most popular options for airport transport these days, due to how easy and flexible this type of service is. You simply organise a time and date with the company, and they will do the rest. Most airport transfer companies will also have live flight information so that if any issues do arise and your flight is delayed, they will know exactly when to be waiting for you in arrivals.

Airport Arrivals


Once you’ve arrived at the airport and get through to the arrivals lounge, your driver will be waiting for you. Rather than worrying about getting back home from the airport or having to drive back yourself, you will be taken back to your desired destination by the driver. To make it even easier, the driver will have a sign with your name on, so you are able to find them without any trouble. A meet and greet also gives you that peace of mind that when you arrive at the airport, someone is waiting for you and ready to take you your required destination.  


Luggage into Car

If you have got any heavy luggage or belongings to carry, your meet and greet driver will be ready to help you. Especially for those who are travelling with children or elderly parents, luggage can be a massive hassle for a lot of families. Your airport taxi will also likely be of a good size, allowing you to store your luggage in the vehicle whilst you make your way back home. Most drivers will assist you with the luggage and ensure it is securely placed within the vehicle.

Save Money

Parking at most airports is very expensive, which is not ideal. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on parking (especially if you are going away for over a week), it may be a lot easier for you to just book an airport taxi. You don’t have the stress of having to park or finding a space in the daunting airport car parks. Most airport taxis are affordable! Private transfers are also one of the more preferred options when travelling to and from the airport due to the simple and trouble-free process that comes along with booking one.

Friendly Driver with Passenger

Friendly Drivers

At Travelbillity, all of our drivers are super friendly and will always be happy to assist you if there is a problem. Friendly drivers keep the customer or client at ease during the journey, and it’s always nice when you can have a chat with your driver. The driver will do their best to get you to your destination on time, wherever that may be. Or if your flight was a late one and you just want to rest, that is totally fine too!

How Does Meet and Greet Work With Travelbillity?

When you get off that long or short haul flight, rejuvenated and relaxed, the last thing you need is queuing for hours at a taxi bay or for your public transport to get you home. Meet and Greet services are the perfect hassle free option for any of your travel needs, where usually your friendly and professional driver will meet you after your plane has landed, so you can effortlessly get home after a relaxing holiday.  Usually these services are pre-booked, and your driver keeps an eye on your arrival time just in case the service needs to be adjusted. To make sure that you travel in comfort, the air conditioned fleet of vehicles are available for larger groups as well as wheelchair users and for busy professionals.

Can Anybody Take advantage of Meet and Greet Services?

This option is a popular choice amongst many travellers on a daily basis. With hundreds of journeys behind them, this travel arrangement is perfectly suitable for busy professionals, families, anxious travellers as well as wheelchair users and large groups. Depending on your needs, the right vehicle with the most suitable driver will wait for you at the arrival gate, assist you with your luggage and take you home safely, on the quickest routes possible.

If you are looking for a meet and greet service, look no further than Travelbillity. Based in Weston-Super-Mare, we offer a wide range of different airport transfer services to ensure you have a comfortable journey. Our modern fleet of vehicles offers a pleasant experience for all customers and we take pride in the high quality and reliable services we provide to all of our clients. For more information on our airport transfers and meet and greet services, get in touch today!