Are you already bored of the cold, harsh and draining winter weather? Well, if so it’s time for a cheeky getaway. There is no better time to book a holiday, flights and accommodation are at there cheapest and the golden beaches of those must-visit destinations are practically empty. No need to spend all day battling the crowds, this holiday will be one like no other. 


In this blog post, we have compiled a couple of the most incredible holiday destinations that are perfect for visiting at this time of year. Taking the weather in mind, we are sure to help you find the best getaway that ticks all of the boxes. 


Morocco – Enjoy Incredibly Cuisine On Your Doorstep


A holiday is not a holiday unless you are enjoying good food and sunshine, that is why Morocco is the perfect destination. Imagine being able to wake up in an all-inclusive resort found within the heart of North African. Combining a stunning white sand coastline with a calm sea that is as warm as a bathtub, there is no need to venture inland. What can I even say about the food, it’s simply amazing? This country has a diverse cuisine which is highly influenced by the surrounding countries, boasting spicy food with a somewhat comforting twist. Expect surprise after surprise when you explore what these countries food scene has to offer. 


The Maldives – Hop From Island To Island With Ease


Did you know that the Maldives consists of 1190 small islands? Well, this is where the Maldives gets its reputation for being one of the most relaxing destinations on the planet. This collection of volcanic islands lend themself perfectly for a place to get away from the busy bustle of everyday working life. Packed with some of the most prestigious resorts, you can finally kick back with a cocktail in hand and watch the beauty of the coastline take all of your stress away. 


Thailand – Submerge Yourself In The Diverse Culture 


Planning on a trip to Thailand is the most exciting things that anyone can do. The fact that the culture is so far from what was comfortable with is why this is one of those destinations that attract thousands of visitors every year. If you’re looking for a great destination to take the winter blues away, go for Thailand. The great part about visiting Thailand is that even throughout the coldest months of the year this location can still reach highs of 30 degrees, no matter when you visit you can be sure to find great weather. 


Dubai – Indulge In Luxury Five Star Living And Eating 


There is a reason that so many social media influencers visit Dubai every year, it’s a destination which knows how to provide guests with a five-star experience from start to finish. Unfortunately, this comes with its price tag, not every day do you see police driving Audi R8’s and Bugatti Veyrons. When choosing to visit Dubai you can find some of the most high-end hotels on the planet with incredible beaches on your doorstep, what is there not to love. Dubai also has one of the largest indoors snow domes so you can enjoy sunbathing and skiing within a short walk from each other.  


Bali – Experience Natural Beauty At Its Finest


Originally loved by tourists for its coral reefs and iconic beaches, this has become far more than your standard beach holiday. Offering magical temples backed with a rich history which will leave you in awe, the only problem with visiting Bali is that you won’t want to leave! This destination is also extremely budget-friendly, once flights are covered the actual accommodation won’t break the bank. Visit Bali and find out why it been considered as the best holiday destinations on this planet.