If you’re planning an autumnal break, you’re likely visiting many destinations at the perfect time.

Often we take Autumn for granted. Autumn in many countries is simply stunning, especially when vibrant autumnal colours cover cities and landscapes, the low sun appears and early morning mists cover the countryside.

What’s more, children are back at school, the crowds are gone and the weather has that perfect touch of winter. The colours will be gorgeous, and many attractions, cities and beaches will be deserted!

There are so many different reasons as to why you should travel in Autumn, so what are you waiting for!

Where to Travel in Autumn

Travel to Lugano in Autumn

Lugano, Switzerland

This destination offers a riot of tastes and colours and is the perfect destination to celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

During Autumn, the traditional Lugano Autumn Festival runs, filling the streets and squares of the old city centre and bringing them to life. Running three days of the first week of October, tourists and natives alike will be able to discover local traditional cuisine and try outstanding wines at various grottos throughout the city.

The Autumn market will also sell local food products and handicrafts that simply cannot be missed! What’s more, adding to these festivities are various musical entertainments from local folk brands.

Finally, you’ll also be able to enjoy a free guided tour to discover and admire the architecture of Lugano.

Travel to Gdansk in Autumn

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is a beautiful European destination for the Autumn months.

There is truly no other place like Gdansk. It is a city of courage, freedom and beauty, and the centre thrives on culture, science, sports and entertainment.

Visiting Gdansk will truly be an unforgettable experience.

Travel to Bordeaux in Autumn

Bordeaux, France

Named as one of the most beautiful destinations in France, Bordeaux is a city that is completely visual and full of unforgettable memories to be made.

In fact, now the city is a travellers’ favourite when it comes to history and gastronomy. Autumn will be the perfect season to visit and enjoy both the city of Bordeaux and its vineries.

Throughout the Autumn months, the temperatures will reach around 20c, so it will still be warm enough to enjoy the sunlight.

Travel to Bilbao in Autumn

Bilbao, Spain

When visiting Spain, there is one destination that many travellers have in mind. This is the Guggenheim Museum, which is home to works by Andy Warhol, Vasily Kandinsky, Francis Bacon and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Of course, there is nothing better than avoiding long queues and crowded rooms, which is why Autumn is the perfect time to visit.

However, if you are one for landscapes rather than museums and artworks, the vineyards of Bilbao offer some beautiful colours throughout the Autumn months. Why not take a visit through the vineyards of the Rioja or a tour throughout Bilbao?

Travel to Budapest in Autumn

Budapest, Hungary

With hills to climb, a beautiful river, a parliament building with outstanding architecture and warm colours in the landscape; Budapest will definitely feel like a romantic city in the Autumn.

The CAFe Contemporary Arts Festival runs during October where music, dance and theatre performances are staged across the city.

Autumn will also be the perfect time of year to visit the hot baths, enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Travel to Barcelona in Autumn

Barcelona, Spain

There are various beautiful treasures in Barcelona that are perfect to visit in Autumn, including Park Guell, Sagrada Familia and The Montserrat Royal Basilica. You’ll find that the climate is mild, the city isn’t as crowded, accommodation is much cheaper and there’s an endless list of activities to choose from.

In Autumn, the climate is still mild yet comfortable at 18-25c.

Travel to Edinburgh in Autumn

Edinburgh, Scotland

Autumn in Edinburgh is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the city and Scottish landscape. The summer crowds will have left the city, so you’ll feel much freer to roam the parks, thermal pools and museums without worrying about space.

Travel to Rome in Autumn

Rome, Italy

Rome is packed full of famous sights including the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Borghese Gallery and so many more.

In the Autumn, Rome will act almost like an open-air museum, where you can view incredible sunsets and attend loads of attractions without having to queue.

The mild temperatures in Rome in Autumn will also be ideal for exploration and adventure. During the day the temperature will be around a pleasant 20c, so definitely t-shirt weather!

Travel to Amsterdam in Autumn

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Autumn is a great time to visit Amsterdam. The foliage lining the parks, canals, bars and restaurants turns gorgeous shades of orange and yellow, creating an atmosphere of cosiness.

What’s more the cultural calendar in Amsterdam is packed full of events in Autumn, so you’ll never be short of what to do.

Whilst it may seem strange to praise the bad weather, yet despite the wind, rain and hail, life continues to go on in Amsterdam, therefore whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you’ll never get bored.

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