With all the changes in restrictions, different rules in the devolved parts of the UK and the constant updates on what we can or cannot do it’s a minefield of information to digest. In this article, we will try and help you understand where to travel right now as well as what you can do when the next stage of restrictions are to be lifted.

As of the 12th of April 2021, domestic travel rules changed for the United Kingdom. Camping and self-catering accommodation have reopened. If you live within the same household or are in the same support bubble then you can travel to the above and enjoy your holiday, both in England and in Wales.

This means that although you can travel to a mobile home or caravan on a campsite the facilities on the site may well be limited to the following. Food may only be available by taking away or delivery or to sit outside of the venue, you cannot sit inside a food or beverage venue to consume your purchases. Entertainment will not be allowed either until the 17th of May whereupon you will be able to sit indoors and eat or drink, all at a social distance of course. Outdoor swimming pools are open but without changing facilities and of course, these rules on eating and drinking are applicable not only in the park but in the whole country too.

From the 26th of April, you should be able to travel to Scotland from other parts of the UK. This would open up travel and stay opportunities for not only mainland Scotland but also the many islands that sit on its fabulous coastline. The stay local law has now been lifted and replaced with advice to consider your travel but there are no restrictions within England.

So, now we understand what we can do, how about some examples of how to spend your time with activities that enable you to stay within the rules and stay safe too.

You can meet up outside in no more than groups of 6 people or two households so you could arrange with another family to head to a caravan park, stay in two separate caravans but meet up all together outside if there is an outdoor pool you can all use it and if you are happy sitting outside then you can enjoy pub and restaurant meals together. Organised sport is allowed indoors as well as outdoors so check with your venue if they have activities arranged as you may well need to book these in advance to comply with regulations and also the venue may need to know the take-up for the event before it commits to running it.

You are reminded at all times to stay responsible and if in doubt check the .gov website for the latest updates.

So how about this for a day?

You and your family of four wake up in the caravan, in England, next door to your best friends and their two children and enjoy breakfast outdoors together. Then you all head off to the outdoor, heated swimming pool to blow out the cobwebs, remember to head back to your caravan though to get changed. Then you can all walk to the beach together, maintaining social distancing of course. Just after midday and if you’re pre-booked, you head to the local pub to sit outside, maybe under a hastily erected marquee, and enjoy a pint and a good old fashioned English pub ploughman’s lunch. Non-essential retail shops are now open so how about a bit of safely distanced shopping therapy in the afternoon supporting the local businesses that have been closed for so long. A quick visit to the local butcher to collect everything you need for an entertaining, yet slightly chilly perhaps, BBQ back at the caravan with your friends in the evening. The return to normal is nearly upon us in England.

At the moment the restrictions are pretty open as long as whatever you are planning on doing is based outside or if allowed inside you are taking the correct levels of protection such as face masks, social distancing and keeping your hands clean. All we need to do now is hope that the good old British weather helps us all out and warms up enough for everyone to start enjoying their outdoor British break!

Thank you so much for reading our article on where you to travel right now on holiday subject to restrictions in England. Many people are now starting to get their holidays booked up within the UK in the hope that our summer will be a total return to normality and we can all start to enjoy the fun and excitement of holidaying in the UK.